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If dreams reflect our most deep desires, Tony possibly has made them all come true, in a way that he is a man who lives his dream to the fullest day by day. Never before the Portuguese expression “o sonho comanda a vida” (the dreams drives life) had made so much sense as when it is plied to the life of his man. A man that started to write is own destiny when he was still a child, and never again he changed his intentions until he reached the design that his heart purposed.

Beyond a heavy number of adversities, Tony Carreira got over all the obstacles that stood in his way, challenging even his own probabilities of success in life he chose, which, in a given time they were not very good.
But still, his perseverance never allowed him to quit, and one day, the path of the unfortune inverted, giving him the direction that would lead him directly to the level of the true stars. Lets get to know a little bit more of this unique artist in the Portuguese musical panorama.

Born at the 30th of December 1963, in a humble family, since very young, Tony Carreira knew he wanted to be a singer. Still in Armadouro, little village of the region of Beira Baixa where he grew until the emigration to France, he started dreaming with music. But it was only much later, already in Paris, that hem managed to make his wish come true. After many years of singing in Portuguese community of Paris, with the Banda “Irmãos 5”, in March of 1988, he finally gets the opportunity to record his first single, after his participation in the Song Festival at Figueira da Foz, by suggestion and impulse of his brother José Antunes.  Anyway, some more years would pass until his talent would be truly recognized and his music would gain a faithful audience.

After the midnighties until nowadays, in a solid and sustained way, and with records more equilibrated and of the great audience, Tony Carreira managed to, bit by bit, consolidate as a true romantic singer, with ballads gaining a greater preponderance in his music. Today, with 29 years of career, he adds 20 albums, 60 platinum records, and over 4 million sold records. He sold out, many times, some of the most important and charismatic showrooms of the World, like Olympia and Zenith in Paris, the imponent Emperor’s Palace in South Africa, the touching Queen Elizabeth in the U.S., or the mythic Brixton Academy in London, and the list goes on.

Even so, regardless of the huge tenderness which he is toasted around the globe, and regardless of the eternal gratitude that Tony feels for his fans scattered all over the world, it is with an enormous proud that he recognizes that he was the first and only national artist to sell out all the big Showrooms of Portugal, each one of them more than once.
Coliseu dos Recreios, Coliseu do Porto, Pavilhão Rosa Mota, Meo Arena, Multiusos de Guimarães e Campo Pequeno are just a few examples of places that have received memorable crowds in Tony Carreira’s shows.

With a resumé full of extraordinary national and international rooms, we easily conclude that it’s not by chance that Tony Carreira is recognized as the Portuguese artist who drags more audience to his shows, in Portugal and in the World. But to best comprehend the true dimension of his concerts, as well as the unique relationship that he maintains with his fans, it’s necessary to assist to those moments so important in his career, because each big  Tony’s concert is a moment truly unforgettable to those who have the privilege to attend.

Still, reaching this rising top of his career, the singer does not want to stop. Because the only way he knows to thank the fans that always believed in him, is to keep making them dream with his songs. Also because of that, the way that he finishes his autobiography, in the first person, couldn’t be more lucid and appropriated:

“I’ll see you when I see you, in one of many instants of this life. Whether in the daily contact, or in any given show.; whether it’s in majestic rooms or in little spaces; whether through the music or in mere chit chats; wherever I go I know you will always be my side. And I will always carry you in my heart…”

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